with the beatlegs


The Alternate Wingspan CD 4

1. Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance (From “James Paul McCartney" TV Show)
2. Rooster (Outtake - Instrumental)
3. Long Haired Lady (Outtake - Instrumental)
4. Backwards Traveller (Home Demo)
5. Tragedy (Outtake)
6. Down To The River (Regular)
7. Blackpool (Home Demo)
8. Indeed I Do (Home Demo)
9. The Fool (From “Unplugged” TV Show) 
10. A Love For You (Outtake)
11. Back Seat Of My Car (Instrumental)
12. Flying To My Home (Regular)
13. Bluebird (Home Demo)
14. Don't You Wanna Dance (Home Demo)
15. After You've Gone (Home Demo)
16. Beautiful Night (Outtake)
17. I've Had Enough (Outtake)
18. Write Away (Alternate Mix)
19. Big Day (Outtake)