with the beatlegs


The Alternate Wingspan CD 5

1. This One (Early Version)
2. Little Willow (Regular) 
3. New Orleans (Outtake)
4. How Do You Like The Lyrics (Demo)
5. Robbers Ball (Outtake)
6. Love Come Tumbling Down (Regular) 
7. Oh Mama, Eh Papa (Soundcheck)
8. Flying Horses (Outtake)
9. Sweet Sweet Memories (Regular)
10. Night Out (Outtake)
11. No Disgrace (Rehearsal)
12. Hey Man (Rehearsal)
13. Long Leather Coat (Regular)
14. Keep Coming Back To Love (Regular)
15. Thank You Darling (Outtake)
16. Letting Go (Live)
17. Squid (Regular)
18. Hey Jude (Live)