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Anthology Outtakes 3 (2 CDs)

CD 1:
1. India
2. Speech Paul, George and Ringo-I Will (Anthology)
3. Dhera Duhn (Anthology)
4. Child Of Nature (Esher Demo)
5. Sour Milk Sea (Esher Demo)
6. Speech John
7. What's The New Mary Jane
8. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
9. Back In The USSR (Esher Demo)
10. Circles (Esher Demo)
11. Speech George Martin, John and Yoko-Helter Skelter-Gone Tomorrow Here Today (Demo)
12. Blackbird (Alternate Take)
13. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Alternate Take)
14. Sexy Sadie (Alternate Take)
15. Hey Jude (Take 1)
16. Not Guilty
17. Dear Prudence (Alternate Take)
18. Revolution (Promo)
19. Step Inside Love (Outtake)
20. Los Paranoias (Outtake, Long Version)
21. The Way You Look Tonight (Outtake)
22. I Will
23. Down In Havana
24. Can You Take Me Back (Outtake)
25. Jam Sessions
26. Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Alternate Mix)
27. I'm So Tired (Alternate Take)
28. Blues Jam (Rock And Roll Circus, 1968)
29. Yer Blues (Rock And Roll Circus, 1968)
30. Everyone Had A Hard Year (Demo)

CD 2:
1. In The Studio (Sequence)
2. Don't Let Me Down (Get Back Sessions)
3. Let It Down (Get Back Sessions)
4. Short Fat Fannie (Get Back Sessions)
5. Two OF Us (On Our Way Home) (Get Back Sessions)
6. All Things Must Pass (Get Back Sessions)
7. Get Back (Get Back Sessions)
8. Speech John
9. The Long And Winding Road (Get Back Sessions)
10. Speech George and Paul
11. Don't Let Me Down (Rooftop Concert)
12. Dig A Pony (All I Want Is You) (Rooftop Concert)
13. I've Got A Feeling (Rooftop Concert)
14. Get Back (Rooftop Concert)
15. The Rocker-Save The Last Dance For Me (Rooftop Concert)
16. Not Fade Away (Get Back Sessions)
17. The Walk (Get Back Sessions)
18. Teddy Boy (Get Back Sessions)
19. Can You Dig It (Get Back Sessions)
20. Let It Be (Get Back Sessions)
21. Heather (Postcard Sessions)
22. Goodbye (Demo)
23. Something (Get Back Sessions)
24. Something
25. Oh Darling
26. Octopus's Garden
27. Because (Take 16, Vocal Track)
28. Raunchy (Threetles Version)
29. Thinking Of Linking (Threetles Version)
30. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Threetles Version)
31. Baby What You Want Me To Do (Threetles Version)
32. Ain't She Sweet (Threetles Version)