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Complete BBC Sessions - Upgraded For 2004 CD 3

1. Side By Side
2. 'up to some no good monkey business'
3. Too Much Monkey Business
4. 'an old chuck berry number'
5. 'his one and only song'
6. Boys
7. 'one voice noticeably absent'
8. I'll Be On My Way
9. 'george playing'
10. From Me To You
11. intro
12. I Saw Her Standing There
13. 'you feel like a man now'
14. 'john let's his guitar take second place'
15. Anna (Go To Him)
16. i'm very glad you sang that'
17. 'oh, very fit'
18. Boys
19. 'he can sing, can ringo'
20. Chains
21. 'thank you gorgeous george'
22. 'who sings this next song'
23. P. S. I Love You
24. 'no relation to john'
25. Twist And Shout
26. 'we'll all be at it again soon'
27. I Got To Find My Baby
28. 'it's also for harry, and his box'
29. Memphis
30. Money (That's What I Want)
31. Till There Was You
32. 'a couple of quick ones'
33. From Me To You
34. Roll Over Beethoven
35. A Taste Of Honey
36. Twist And Shout
37. That's All Right (Mama)
38. 'that's all right with me, great'
39. There's A Place
40. 'from the beatles' new ep'
41. 'couldn't find one for a carol'
42. Carol
43. 'i haven't got a passport'
44. Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)
45. 'that was john lennon who got fell in'
46. 'with these haircuts'
47. Lend Me Your Comb
48. 'a little rhyme'
49. Clarabella
50. I Saw Her Standing There
51. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
52. There's A Place
53. Twist And Shout
54. Side By Side (edit)