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Chronicles In The Backyard Volume 1

Album Outtakes
1. Comfort Of Love (B-Side)
2. Growing Up Falling Down (B-Side)
3. She Is So Beautiful (Japan Only Bonus Track)
Chaos And Creation In The Backyard - Interview Disc
4. Releasing An Album
5. Making A Good Album
6. Inspiration For Songs
7. Vocal Delivery And Range
8. Recording Sessions
9. Recording Over A Period Of Time
10. Listening To Other People's Music
11. Inspiration
12. Producer Nigel Godrich
13. Different Approach
14. Differences-Fallouts
15. About Fine Line
16. Interesting Choice Of Words
17. About How Kind Of You
18. Writing Jenny Wren
19. Who Is Jenny Wren
20. About At The Mercy
21. About Friends To Go
22. About English Tea
23. About Too Much Rain
24. About A Certain Softness
25. About Riding To Vanity Fair
26. About Follow Me
27. About Promise To You Girl
28. About This Never Happened Before
29. About Anyway
30. About I've Only Got Two Hands
31. Album Title
32. A Record I Like
33. The Listener
Virgin Breakfast Show With Pete & Geoff (UK)
34. Part One-Friends To Go
35. Part Two-Follow Me