with the beatlegs


Day By Day Vol 12 (2 CDs)

CD 1:
1. Nagra Tape Roll 98A

Across the universe (6x) 
Teddy Boy 
Across the universe (2x) 
Shaking in the sixties 
Move it 
Good rockin´ tonight 
2. Nagra Tape Roll 99A
Across the universe 
House of the rising sun 
Enoch Powell 
Get off 
3. Nagra Tape Roll 100A
Get off 
For you blue 
Honey hush 
For you blue (3x) 
Hitch hike 
For you blue (2x) 
Quit messing around 
All together now 
4. Nagra Tape Roll 101A
Rambling woman 
I threw it all away 
Mama you´ve been on my mind 
Let it be
Two of us (5x)

CD 2:
1. Nagra Tape Roll 102A

Let it be 
2. Nagra Tape Roll 103A 
Let it be (2x) 
That´ll be the day 
I´ve got a feeling 
Jenny, Jenny 
Slippin´and sliding 
Let it be 
3. Nagra Tape Roll 104A
Let it be 
4. Nagra Tape Roll 105A
Let it be (4x)