with the beatlegs


Day By Day Vol 14 (2 CDs)

CD 1:
1. Nagra Tape Roll 114A (first half)

Get back 
Them from the Beatles Cartoons 
Get back (3x) 
Catch a falling star 
Get back (2x) 
2. Nagra Tape Roll 115A (second half)
Get back 
Two of us(5x) 
3. Nagra Tape Roll 116A
Two of us 
4. Nagra Tape Roll 118A
I´ve got a feeling 
Don´t let me down 
Till there was you 
C´mon everybody 
Maxwell´s silver hammer 
Mack the knife 
Maxwell´s silver hammer

CD 2:
1. Nagra Tape Roll 119A

Maxwell´s silver hammer 
Don´t be cruel 
On a sunny island 
Peanut vendor 
I got stung 
It´s only make believe 
Through a London window 
2. Nagra Tape Roll 120A
3. Nagra Tape Roll 121A
The long and winding road 
Adagio for strings 
Martha my dear 
4. Nagra Tape Roll 122A
Martha my dear
5. Nagra Tape Roll 124A
Sun King 
Dear Prudence