with the beatlegs


Day By Day Vol 27 (2 CDs)

CD 1:
1. Nagra Tape Roll 472A

Let It Be (2x) - Instrumental
Mean Mister Mustard
2. Nagra Tape Roll 473A
Let It Be - Tracks Of My Tears
Piece Of My Heart - Little Yellow Pills
Early In The Morning - Let It Be
3. Nagra Tape Roll 474A
Let It Be (2x)
Window Window
Talkin' About You
Let It Be (2x)
Let It Be (2x)
4. Nagra Tape Roll 475A
Let It Be (3x)
Martha My Dear
Let It Be

CD 2:
1. Nagra Tape Roll 476A

Let It Be (4x) - "Well It's 8 O'Clock"
(Unknown) - Cannon Ball - Shazam!
Fast Train To San Fransico - Isn't It A Pity
End Of Session Saturday January 25th, 1969
2. Nagra Tape Roll 477A
Beginning Of Session Sunday January 26th, 1969
Isn't It A Pity - Window Window
Let It Down (2x) - Octopus's Garden (4x)
3. Nagra Tape Roll 478A
Octopus's Garden (4x) - a Lttle Piece Of Leather
Two of Us - Dig a Pony - Octopus's Garden (2x)
4. Nagra Tape Roll 479A
Octopus's Garden (2x) - Build Me Up, Buttercup
Octopus's Garden - For You Blue (Playback) (2x)