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Day By Day Vol 3 (2 CDs)

CD 1:
1. Nagra Tape Roll 17A

One After 909 (slate 40)
I'll Wait Till Tomorrow (slate 41)
A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody (1 line by John)
I've Been Thinking
That You Love Me (2 lines)
Won't You Please Say Goodbye
Bring It On Home To Me
Hitch Hike
You Can't Do That
The Hippy Hippy Shake
Two Of Us
2 Nagra Tape Roll 18A
Two Of Us (slate 44 take 1)
All Along The Watchtower
3. Nagra Tape Roll 19A
Short Fat Fanny
Midnight Special (Prisoner's Song)
When You're Drunk You Think Of Me
What's The Use
Of Getting Sober ? (When You Gonna Get Drunk Again)
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For ?
(That's What I Want) instrumental bass line
Give Me Some Truth
All Things Must Pass (slate 45)
4. Nagra Tape Roll 20A
All Things Must Pass (sync 46)
The Weight (1 line)
I'm Your Tiger (a few bars)
All Things Must Pass

CD 2:
1. Nagra Tape Roll 21A 

All Things Must Pass (slate 49 take 1)
2. Nagra Tape Roll 22A
All Things Must Pass (slate 50)
3. Nagra Tape Roll 23A
All Things Must Pass (slate 52)
4. Nagra Tape Roll 24A
All Things Must Pass (slate 53, 4:50 pm)
Back In The USSR (1 line)
Every Little Thing
Piece Of My Heart
Sabre Dance
Piece Of My Heart
"Over And Over Again"