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Twickenham Sessions (CDs 7 & 8)

Disc 7: "We Should Just Go On As If Nothing's Happened?
1. The Long And Winding Road
Adigio For Strings
2. Martha My Dear
Martha / Yoko Medley 
Instrumental ("King Of The Birds" / Yoko Jam) 
Instrumental Jam "One More Time!" 
Feedback & Yoko 
3. Get Back 
Get Back
4. Get Back
Get Back 
5. San Francisco Bay Blues
Lady Jane 
Lady Jane 
6. Lady Jane
Improvisation ("Jazz Piano Song".
Cocaine Blues
"Flushed You From The Bathroom Of My Heart"
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
7. Back Seat Of My Car
Song Of Love

Disc 8: "Ringo, It's Been Great Working With You Man!"
1. Song Of Love
Song Of Love
"As Clear As A Bell..."
Hello Dolly
"You Are Definitely Declined Towards It"
2. "Madman"
Medley: Mean Mr.Mustard
3. "Watching Rainbows"
Take This Hammer
4. Johhny B Goode 
Get Back 
Blues Jam / Blues Madman 
You Know May Name
5. Oh! Darling 
Oh! Darling
Obla-Di Obla-Da