with the beatlegs


Beggar's Banquet (Alternate Version)

1. Sympathy For The Devil (Alternate Mono Mix)
2. No Expectations (Different Take)
3. Dear Doctor (Take 1)
4. Parachute Women (Alternate Stereo Mix)
5. Jig-Saw Puzzle (Alternate Mono Mix)
6. Street Fighting Man (Alternate Mono Mix)
7. Prodigal Son (Alternate Stereo Mix)
8. Stray Cat Blues (Alternate Mono Mix)
9. Factory Girl (Alternate Stereo Mix)
10. Salt Of The Earth (Alternate Mono Mix)
11. Dear Doctor (Take 2)
12. Dear Doctor (Alternate Stereo Mix)
13. Family (Electric Version)
14. Jumping Jack Flash (Backing Track)
15. Did Everybody Pay Their Dues (Early Version Of Street Fighting Man)
16. Sympathy For The Devil (The Evolution Of. . . From One To One Film)